We are an experienced silversmith operating from our London based shop. We specialise in gold plating, jewellery polishing and designing & manufacturing bespoke jewellery for clients across the world.
After establishing we quickly gained a reputation as one of the finest gold and silver jewellery polishers in London and the UK. Since then our Business has grown offering many services to the trade such as; gold plating, silver repairs, designs, bespoke jewellery manufacture and silversmithing. The company hasn’t finished growing however and we are constantly striving to grow our brand and become recognised as the leading silversmiths in London. Most recently, we have grown further still and we now produce our own jewellery and silver designs manufactured at our Hatton garden workshop.
As well as offering an exceptional range of services, whether you are taking advantage of our jewellery polishing service, or whether you are looking for us to manufacture a bespoke jewellery piece, we also make sure that we offer an exceptional level of customer service. We pride ourselves in having an extremely high customer satisfaction rate, which in turn enhances our reputation as one of the best silversmiths in London.


Our client base includes the entire high end silversmith, jewellery designers, high end jewellery outlets and many of the Royal Families around the world. We supply many with bespoke jewellery solutions for their clients, as well as providing services such as jewellery polishing, gold & silver plating, spinning, casting, silver polishing and platinum polishing.


If you are looking for an experienced silversmith in London, we are able to offer you reliable jewellery polishing, repairs, gold plating, as well as allowing you the opportunity to design and manufacture your own piece of bespoke jewellery in store. Contact us today.